quinta-feira, abril 27, 2006

Looking Back

We keep looking back.
We look for reference,
for support
and inspiring success.
Mostly we see our mistakes,
as is that that troubles our minds.

We? Why we?
I talk of me.
What should I do,
that's the key.

I want to see
the hard steps.
The ones I've conquered,
the examples I want.

Not all steps are perfect,
just a few in fact.
That's the way it should be.

But I have to keep moving,
as the steps are only important
if they take me somewhere.

No matter if somewhere
is a place I don't know,
I'm just here for the fun.
And that is all I must remember.
No point in living for the blues.


2 comentários:

Pedro do Mar disse...

Gostei do que li...

E adorei o que vi!!
Excelente fotografia!!!

Gato Preto disse...

Down with the blues! Have fun!